Artsy By Nature Tattoo established in 2015. Located in Salt Lake County, Millcreek City, UT. With the shared passion of growth in art, culture and history, our artist are able to help clients with their wants and needs for their tattoo. Together a beautiful collaboration with the client and artist is created!  Artsy By Nature Tattoo thrives in excellent customer service, professionalism, sterilization, and a wide variety in art and tattoo styles. Artsy By Nature Tattoo is a very drama free, positive, ambitious, and supportive team. Let us help you create your art! 

Rules:  Be positive, Keep your guest and support to a minimum of  one person, deposits are required for scheduling, completed consent forms are required  before tattoo, ages 18 and up, provide identification and always be courteous to everyone in the studio during your session.  No children under 18 allowed. 

Walk Ins are welcomed!